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Tinder Profile Tips for Men

Sure having good pickup lines is useful but you will never get to use them if you don’t get the match in the first place. The number 1 best way to get more matches is improve your profile pics. Here is the best tip for boosting your Tinder Profile.


Get good Pics! – You are judged on your pics not on how attractive you are in person.

Here is a video from Collage Humour, it is a great way to highlight irritating profile pics, make sure you don’t have any of these profile pics, they are the lease successful – except the dog, it actual has better results.

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You may hate taking selfies, or hate those muscly fairies that take selfies of  themselves in the gym, but when they are having more sex with hot women that you are, who is the fairy now!

Hire a photographer – The best return on investment for online dating.

That tip may sound obvious, but it is a skill in itself to choose the correct pics for your Tinder Profile, don’t think you need to be super buff either. Lets go though the important sub-tips about your profile pics

Tinder Profile Pic Tips

Don’t underestimate the power of a good main profile pic, sometimes girls don’t even check the rest of your photos they will make a decision based on the first one they see, so it’s time to optimise your profile.

Tip 1 – Use ‘Smart Photo’ to find your best profile Pic

Tinder Smart photo is a feature provided by Tinder to allow you to find out what profile photo works best. Smart Photo cycles through all your photos at random to all the girls who view your profile, out of all the girls that swipe yes, it selects the picture combination that gives you the most ‘likes’. This tips things in your favour as normally the pics that you think are great are not what girls find most attractive.

Smart Photo good info
Tinder Smart Photo – snapshot from profile edit page

Ok so now you have your best pic as the first photo that girls will see, but is it actually working..

Tip 2 – Be Honest with yourself

Are your photos working? You have followed tip 1, Are you getting matches?

Test: Swipe all the girls you think are hot and want to meet, how many matches are you getting?

Are you matching with girls that you actually want to meet, or are you lowering your standard so that you can at least have some girls to speak to.

How many times can you swipe ‘Yes’ on Tinder in a day?  Answer: 100

First aim for 10% – So if you use all your yes swipes you should have 10 matches with hot girls that you are attracted to, if you don’t have that then you definitely need to get some better photos.

Tip 3 – Tinder Photo Day

There are 2 ways you can go here, Kickass profile or half hearted, either way it will be an improvement but I will try to push you towards kickass – obviously.

Half Hearted Result – You may get a new pics that are slightly better than the old one(s), the standard will probably be pretty poor.

Kickass result – Changing your dating life forever, enjoying dating because you will be desired so much more and it will be noticeable as soon as the pics are up.

Profile Help men pics
Get more more days after 1 Tinder Photo Day

Half Hearted – You will take some photos in different outfits and maybe even get a friend to hold the camera, you will do this wherever and whenever this is convenient. You’ll take a few pics and choose the best one. You may even take 20 or so selfies to get the best face position and try different smile options.

Lets Kickass 

  • Plan your environment -you want to look like you have a life, get photos in different and interesting settings
  • Get in shape – you only need to do Tinder photo day once, get it right and you’ll never need any more pics, so make sure you have the best physique possible and you look great in your clothes, not just a tip for Tinder its a tip for life.
  • Beard Length – that is right.. beards are cool right now. make sure you have your optimum length.
  • Get a good photographer – if you don’t take good photos regularly then get someone who does, hire a photographer it is the best return on investment when it comes to online dating.
  • Plan your ‘image’ – How do you want to look? if you want to look sporty then dress like you are away to a tennis match, do you want to look rich, stand next to an expensive car, wear a nice suit, get a pic on a speedboat wearing the suit.
  • Lighting, There is certain lighting that make people look better, by getting multiple point lighting with diffusers(makes light less vibrant) you can buy it yourself for about $60-80 and you will always look good, another amazing tip and great return on investment, click on the image to check prices if you are interested.
Lights photo help for portrait
Home Lighting Kit for Great Pics

ROI – Get that perfect pic, taken by a good photographer, with you in great shape, driving a speedboat on a sunny day, wearing a cool suit and a dog on the passenger seat – you will never be short of dates again. I can’t push this tip enough, elevate yourself above everyone else.

Being Genuine – Some people get hung up about being genuine, sure the speedboat example seems ridiculous, but it doesn’t need to represent your life, it only needs a girl to want to match with you, start a conversation and from there you will develop a connection. You can tell her that you did it because you read it on a website WhiskyandTinder and thought it was cool – she would love your honesty, self assurance and you would be 100% genuine. It is all in your head and its all about self confidence.

Tip 4 – Test Again

Now you should have more awesome pics from your Tinder Photo Day. It is time to upload them there is one exception – keep your previous best pic chosen by Tinder ‘smart photo’, the best one from before, so when you do Smart photo again, it will tell you how good your old pic is compared with your new pics.

Profile Pic Statistics

  • 1/3 of new marriages start out from dating apps (USA)
  • If a girl doesn’t show her arms in her pics – she’s fat
  • Outdoor Pics get 19% more likes according to Mens Fitness 
  • Standing next to an expensive car will double your matches
  • Standing on an expensive yacht will triple your matches
  • Selfie shots are 10% less effective (holding the camera in the photo)
  • Attractive women active on Tinder will wake up with 50 new messages from guys all asking the same Sh*#
  • 30% of men swipe Yes to EVERY girl
  • Profile pics with dogs get more Yes Swipes
  • Most girls don’t even read your Bio
  • If you don’t get many matches and a superhot girl likes you then you go to the website she prefers to use then you are 100% an idiot – don’t let that happen again
  • Topless shots are really affective if you have a great body, if you Don’t have abs then don’t bother

Other Tinder Photo Tips

  • Ninja Trick – Take a video or use multishot option to take lots of photos for 10 seconds while you are doing something or messing around, this allows you to get a pic that looks natural.
  • Over head lighting is great for body shots but not for the face it casts shadows on the eyes, use additional lighting on the face.
  • Evening twilight is the best lighting to take your pics, midday is too harsh and night required additional lighting

Date Strategy

The next tip is to sort your dating strategy out, from taking a girl out on a date to taking her to bed. Read our post on Tinder Hookups.

Happy Swiping…!!!

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