Tinder App – Is it worth it?

The online world of dating was long seen as an unfavorable option for finding a partner to date or marry. Tinder has changed everything. As social media and Smartphone popularity has grown more and more in the last few years so has the acceptance of dating from your living room.

What is Tinder

With just a phone or a tablet you can now easily download Dating apps and swipe through matches to try and find your ideal mate. Everyone you know has tried it or has the app installed themselves.

The most popular of the apps is Tinder and it is known as the dating program that revolutionized the dating world by bringing technology and love together in a quick and easily accessible platform.

What all goes into Tinder? And what are some of the best ways to succeed in finding love on this app?

So, Let’s start with the thing that makes Tinder so appealing, the convenience. Tinder makes it so you can technically meet with people from anywhere within a hundred mile radius or anywhere in the world if you want to use Tinder Plus.

This gives the user a much larger dating pool to work with and lets them see that they have more options than their social circles can offer. The awkward situation of admitting attraction is also removed from the equation, by relying on Tinder’s swipe system to help make matches instead of focusing on sending someone a message blindly online.

Tinder also requires a Facebook to log in vetting out a lot of the fake accounts you would see on other dating sites. It’s also easier to organize a date by using the app, thanks to the inclusion of instant messaging, and the fact you won’t have to give your personal number out to possible suitors.

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Challenges of Tinder

Women and Men face very different challenges when using the app. While you do generally pick matches of people who have pictures and can chat for a while before meeting you still may not have a good gauge of the other person through general chat.

This causes extra things for both sexes to consider when they are thinking about inviting the other user out for coffee.

Women are of course more cautious than most men when it comes to dating. They of course want to avoid creeps or men who are unemployed and not moving forward with their lives with school, internships or work.

Men on the other hand may have certain traits that they are looking for in a woman. Men also do have to face the challenge of coming off as genuine and not falling into an unfitting category by coming on to strong.

Additionally while Tinder does vet their users based on Facebook profiles it is a free app. This means that anyone can easily make an account on the app without worrying about a paywall.

This may attract some undesirable users to the pool. There also is the very real possibility of spam messages being sent to your account, which can be blocked, but are annoying for the time you get them.


Tinder Success Stories

While Tinder has become a popular part of our electronic based world there are still some stigmas that are held against it. For example, most people are turned off by the thought of creepy guys hitting on young girls.

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While this certainly isn’t a positive and does happen, we have to remember that this is nothing new to the dating scene and will happen if you were to go into a bar or night club.

There also may be some people who fabricate who they are and what they like, but they are no different than the ones who do it in person and quickly will be found out.

That being said I as well as other users have had plenty of success on Tinder. A lot of women have found other female friends to relate to while using the app even if they have not found a soul mate. On top of that there are a lot of successful Tinder couples that wouldn’t have met otherwise due to their hectic schedule keeping them apart.

Tinder allows for busy people to meet other busy people who fit perfectly together, but never can quite catch each other offline. On top of that Tinder also can help people who are a little more shy then others really get into the groove of talking with others and flirting in a safe environment.


Looking Good Online

When it comes to making a Tinder profile a lot of people worry about how they can attract the right person for them. A lot goes into what picture a user decides to use or what interests they decide to list in their profile space.

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On top of that most people are rather nervous when it comes to messaging their first matches and are just trying to make a good impression to their match if they aren’t worrying themselves about getting matches. So how do you increase your chances of getting a date?

Number one is your personal Bio that most matches will judge you on even if they find you attractive. Always try to be specific about your likes, instead of saying I like horror movies and letting it go, give some examples. The more specific you are on the things you like the better someone will get a sense of who you are and your personality.

Next always try to have 3 or more pictures to represent yourself. Some good choices are a clear picture of your face, a picture with friends, and a body shot that you find you look your best in.

Always make sure to put yourself out there as a welcoming person in your pictures and don’t go towards an expressionless shot.

If you need a little extra speed in finding a mate, then look into Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus will give you unlimited swipes so you can go through matches in your area quicker, it can also control what type of people you are seen on Tinder to keep out unwanted matches.

You will also gain the ability to rewind a swipe and will get 5 extra super likes in the process. This comes with one super boost a week, which will make your profile top of the list in your area and the removal of ads from the app.

If you have a couple of buddies that are also searching for a date then try Tinder Social. With Tinder Social you can make a group with your friends when you are going out.

Other groups can decide to swipe your group saying that they want to meet up. This is a great way for some group dates to form in a comfortable environment for all parties as well as a great way to meet new friends.