The Maria Story

Following my online mentors advice

This is a true story of when I wanted to attract a beautiful girl I met in Bali. It was during the time I first started following a guide from David Diangelo about being the most attractive version of yourself.

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Best Dating Book For Men
Best Dating Book For Men

The Story

I met Maria while I was staying at was at a surfer hostel in Bali. She was beautiful, she had such pretty face, long brown hair, golden skin and smoking hot surfer body. I wanted her! So did everyone else I imagine.

The Friendly Dinner

The evening I met Maria two other cool guys from the hostel were going for dinner at a basic restaurant nearby, Maria and I were invited. We all walked together, I walked a subtle half step ahead ensuring that my posture was excellent because I knew that having a good posture and a raised chin exudes confidence, gives extra height and displays my shoulders as broad as naturally possible, the extra half step ahead is a subtle indicator of male dominance, a leader, and more visible to Maria(literally in her sight more often).

I was sociable and funny and an effortless way, I gave her equal attention to the guys as I didn’t want to show that I was attracted to her, this was important to me as I knew the four of us would spend the day together tomorrow. If she knew I was attracted to her then she would have all the power to accept me when she pleased, that is not a good power position to be in, I also wanted to continually monitor her interaction with me to determine whether I was attracting her.

We had an enjoyable friendly dinner and went back to the hostel to sleep. (no chat up lines, no in-for-the-kill moves, I just displayed my attractive qualities when I knew she was there to see them, and I didn’t )

The Day Trip

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Bingin Beach, Bali

The next day the four of us rode on our motor scooters an hour south to an amazing beach with good surf. I gave Maria a lift on the back of my scooter, I made sure my posture was great because she would have my back and shoulders literally in front of her for an hour, so I want them looking their best.

I walked away from her

Maria and I were talking as we walked to the beach. I walked away from her during a break in conversation to show her that I am not interested in maximizing my time in her company

I did that because if she is attracted to me then she will look for Indicators of Interest (IOI) from me as to whether I am attracted to her, I also knew that walking away from a beautiful girl is uncommon and may suggest that I am not interested in her, that would make her more likely to test my interest in her in order to satisfy her ego, at least on a low level. This would be good for me, because I can observe these tests, each test acts as an IOI from her that she is attracted to me.

(most guys will do anything they can to maximise their time in a hot girls company, and hoping that she will be attracted to them eventually, this is a sign that you value her a lot and she’ll realise she can have you – David D taught me not to do that)

Girls and women think a lot about social interactions and the potential significance of implicit expression or behavior; I had learned this and tried to use it to my benefit. I made sure that I was on top form and was socially entertaining In a laid back manner, I wanted to be fun and entertaining but I didn’t want to look like I needed the acceptance of the group through their attention, smiles or laughter.

I purposefully didn’t look for excitement in their faces as I told a story, and didn’t force eye contact during a punch line to facilitate laughter, this is effective for group laughter but at the expense of looking insecure or needy that you require the social validation of reciprocal laughter. (this displays serious self confidence – super attractive quality)

Throughout the day I monitored my proximity to Maria, ensure that I didn’t stand next to her or talk to her for too long before moving my interest somewhere else, stopping myself from drawing closer to her due to my attraction, simultaneously I monitored if she was positioning herself close to me (an IOI), and if so, how often, sadly for me she wasn’t giving me any strong IOIs, with a girl that is in my social group I like to see many IOIs before I go for a kiss and potentially mess up the social dynamic.

Skinny Dipping

Later that night, we were having a few drinks and telling some sex stories, I told a couple stories that were both funny and entertaining, but the important undertone of the stories implied that I am confident, I have sex with attractive women and I am sexually experienced.

Then the four of us, three guys and one girl went skinny dipping, I was the last out because I wanted her to watch me walk out, everyone else felt like it was embarrassing to walk out and attracted attention to me as I walked out. It was cold, my penis was small with the cold, but I strutted out of the water with a great proud posture and walked slowly and confidently to the group and to my towel – shielding nothing.

Tinder tales and stories

This was a great opportunity to display my confidence and how it compared against other men. Still I hadn’t noticed any strong IOIs from Maria, but then I had been actively not analyzing her face because that would have indicated my interest. We were then dressed sitting at a table on the beach drinking another beer with the realization that we would have to find a place to sleep, drink driving for 1 hour at night didn’t seem worth the risk.

I was still puzzled at Maria, because I knew I had been one hell of an attractive man in an illusive and interesting way, she didn’t have a boyfriend and didn’t omit any negative vibes, even our conversations were good. I had to know, I wanted the IOI, I decided to do my own testing and I decided to go a bold move..

We were sitting at the table, the 2 guys on my left and Maria on my right, all looking out at the ocean in comfortable silence, I choose this moment to test for Maria’s reaction.

I said “Maria, I know you want to kiss me”, and I didn’t soften my voice, I said it normal volume, so the other guys heard me say it too, I delivered it in the most confident way possible.

I got nothing from her; she gave me a half glance, a bit of a smile and a short disinterested laugh.

The Accommodation Situation

Maria managed to sweet talk some guys that were staying in a big beach house to let us all stay there. We got to the house and while we were chatting and being social with our hosts I analyzed the sleeping arrangements; there was a big three-person bed and a couch that could sleep two people, just.

I had a decision to make, if I go to the big three-person bed there is a high probability that she would be next to me, and there would be a lot of ‘accidental’ skin contact, but there would be another guy there too, sounded very sexually frustrating to me.

I chose the big couch, that way I have lots of space for a nice sleep(I didn’t care about sleep), If she came to sleep in the couch then that would clarify that she wants me, that would be the IOI I needed. Not long after I lay on the couch she walked past me and went into the other room with the two guys.

The lights go off and I am lying on this couch looking at the ceiling listening to the waves, disappointed, reviewing the day and all my interactions with Maria, what things could I have done better?? (I thought of all the info from David Diangelo) I was the most attractive version of myself, I displayed confidence, I didn’t understand, why was she not attracted to me?…..

Just as I finished that thought she rolled over the back of the couch and literally fell into my arms. David D – you legend..!!

And yes… the sex was awesome!

That was 100% true story, I could re-write all the tips and claim them as my own but I want to give credit to the person that taught me in the first place, the best thing you can do for yourself is buy his E-book – you won’t regret it.

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Best Dating Book For Men
Best Dating Book For Men

Hope you enjoyed my story, I have many more so come back soon to read my knew ones 🙂