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Craigslist hookup Site – Tinder is taking over

Craigslist Hookups may be thing of the past now that Tinder is dominating the local Hookup scene.

CraigsList Hookup Migration

Before you could go on Craigslist and look up someone nearby and find another person who would like a casual fling, one night stand or ‘friend with benefits’. However Tinder is taking over now there are less and less people on there, tinder is the best platform for this, if you haven’t moved to tinder then you should definitely get on there and have some fun.

There are a lot of users on Tinder but there are many up for hookups, and there are many more people on there that are interested in a one night stand much more than Craigslist. There are so many people  who would not advertise on Craigslist and look for hookups on Tinder for the deniability factor.

Craigslist to Tinder Guide

Set up Tinder for Hookups only

If you are looking for one night stands only with no dates or don’t want to be seen in public then there are a few ways to do this. It is not like craigslist where there is a Hookup section, whatever wording for sex meetup is used there is code that most people recognise.

You may not like the idea of linking to your facebook, they require this to activate your account, dont worry there is a way around this, we have an article Tinder without Facebook.

If you don’t like using a phone to arrange your hookups then there is computer app/extension called Flamite, and you can use that to sync your Tinder account and use it on your computer, it is also better for viewing all photos at the same time.

DTF = Hookup

In Tinder the common phrase is ‘Down to Fuck’ or DTF, you can simply put that down on your profile somewhere, simply match with someone you want to meet and then confirm you want to have sex, you will probably find similar people as on Craigslist, maybe even find the same people on there as Tinder is proximity sensitive. Dont be surprised if potential hookup partners use a fake profile because it will be seen and dismissed by so many people, I suggest that you do the same.

See our Tinder Hookups Guide for an effective strategy.

CraigsList vs Tinder Pros and Cons

Craigslist Hookups

Efficiency – Finding someone for hooking up is much simpler on Craigslist, there is a section for it, and you don’t need to fish though 100s of profiles to find them.

Conversion rate – The people who post on Craigslist hookups pages are easier to plan, they are more likely going to be co-operative, even if it doesn’t always happen that way, conversion rate is definitely higher than on Tinder where you have to do more test to see how serious they are about meeting for quick sex.


Volume – The number of potential Hookup partners is huge, you can search them from your bedroom and arrange the meetup from your smartphone.

Organic Hookups – On tinder you can arrange a one night stand with anyone, it just depends on how good your profile is, you can even afford to mislead this person into thinking that you are better looking than in real life, and becasue of the nature of Secret hook ups people are usually so horny by the time they reach your house that it wont matter anyway.


Use them both, When you are bored of the people on Craigslist and the spammy posts then go on Tinder. Tinder will take more time to arrange but there are more potentials in there to choose from, a lot more…!!

Happy Swiping…!!