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Tinder Super like is the only feature on Tinder where you can communicate with someone before you match. There is another effective feature called tinder Boost and we explain in our article the best time to use Tinder Boost. Anyways one thing at a time lets look at Superlikes and how to use them. 

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What is Super Like and How to use it: Every user is given by default 1 Super Like per day, and when you use it on someone they will be influenced in several ways, so what happens?:

  1. Receive a notification of being Super liked
  2. Your profile will be one of the first tinder profiles that they will see that day
  3. Your profile will have a little coloured star to indicate that you Super liked them

How to Super Like someone on Tinder

There are 2 ways:

Swiping up – When you are on the swiping section looking though profiles. swipe directly upward.

Hit the Blue Star – What is the blue star? – this is just the symbol for super like. This button is usually located on the bottom right of the screen, on the right of the ‘Like’ button and is fractionally smaller than the other buttons. If you have selected a profile to look through their Bio or their other pics, the Star button will still be at the bottom of the screen but change to the centre position.Dating Advantage

Is it worth it?

What are the positives and negatives of super liking someone, lets expand on the Pros and Cons:


Your profile is Seen First – or one of the first, this is an obvious positive as there are 50 million people using tinder and in more densely populated areas it may be a long time before your profile appears in front of other users, what position you are in the profile pile is a big factor to your Tinder success.

Make them Feel Special – The person you ‘Super Liked’ then knows that you preferred them over other profiles, this suggests that the attraction you have for them is more genuine and they will feel more special. This also indicates that there will be no conversation rejection if they contact you. Especially useful for Men – there are many men who literally swipe yes to every girl on Tinder and then filter though the matches later, so therefor women like to know if your interest is genuine rather than a blind swipe yes.

Attract more Attention – Your little star on your profile tells them that you have already liked them, it brings more attention to your profile and more time will be given on your profile before swiping.


The Sure thing – I don’t know how familiar you are on attraction phycology, but when there is a ‘sure thing’ or the attraction phase was too easy then you will value that person less, this happens because you feel that the person was willing to be attracting you before you feel there has been enough time to develop a connection or display your attractive qualities. If you didn’t know that, trust me, it is true. So the negative of Super Like is that person knows you like them more than other Tinder profiles, and that you are already super attracted to them before they demonstrated value through messaging.

Limited Super Likes – You only have one per day unless you pay for Tinder Plus, with Tinder Plus you get 5/day. So you should choose wisely, there is a strategy on the effectiveness of Super Liking. It works the same as compliments, the more compliments someone receives, the less it is effective. If you imagine a girl who doesnt get compliments very often is told they look beautiful today, they will feel amazing, however if a super hot woman receives her 50th compliment of the day – she will feel nothing, infact will associate you with the rest of the douchebags that gave her compliments that day. The same goes for men, compliments work better on men because we receive them less from women.


Go and try it out, find out what works for you, try super liking profiles different levels of attractiveness. It will bring more attention to your Tinder Profile but you will still need good photos to back it up. What makes a good profile pic, we are working the article. What to show in the pic, what position, where to look, how much of your body is showing are all big factors, Try the Best Tinder Pick up Lines to cheat the system.

Super Like is effective, especially if your profile has a lot of attractive value, however it is not going to help you with the Superhot Tinder Profiles. So be selective on how you use it.

This sums up Tinder Super Likes. Happy swiping…!!!