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Tinder Boost when is the best time to use it

When is the best time to use boost – 7pm on a Thursday

There are a few articles quoting statistics about Tinder usage, what time most people are on Tinder, and the best time for using the boost function. So lets discuss the best boost days and times.

See the below graph from a Huffington post article on the subject, they are telling you that 9pm is the best time for using boost because that is the time that people are on Tinder the most. However I disagree because for me it is between 6:30 and 7:30 is the best boost time and even more specifically on Thursday.

There are a lot of different factors that can effect your boost match results but from my trials and my friends feedback Thursday at 7pm is the best bang for your buck – so to speak 😉

Clicking on the graph will open the huffington post article in a new tab. But better yet, just listen to us!

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I have a great article on how to hookup on the first date, its for men (obviously), as women don’t need any help getting laid, but it has women’s best interest in mind ;). Check it out later.

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The Best time for Tinder Boost

Boosting time for Men

Seriously try it, Thursday is the best day for boost, and 6:30pm-7:30pm on Tursday is a magic hour in the week. So lets break down the days:

Mondays girls don’t really care because the weekend is over and if they have a generally busy life they want to date on the weekends and on Monday it is too long away to matter,

Tuesdays – pretty similar

Wednesdays – Things are heating up and girls are looking to book in a date at the weekend (assuming she doesn’t have anything else on).

Thursdays – This is the hot Tinder boost day, girls want to have things planned at the weekend, if they have a spare night they are going to fill it tonight, and Thursday is the day to do it. Girls like to talk about having a date at the weekend when everybody is asking in the office about what peoples plans are for the weekend.

Fridays – is a bit late for Friday night dates but may still get some matches for Saturday dates, but as for Tinder Boosting is it really worth it?… well actually yes, the girls who don’t have plans will be on Tinder to make themselves feel better that they didn’t have a date.

it is a great match to date ratio

Saturday – Again Boost is not going to get you a lot more matches today but the ones you do get are likely to meet up, so if you can organise a date then it is a great ‘match to date ratio’, also bear in mind that they are really keen to get a date and more likely to hook up, for more advise on that read our Tinder Hookup Strategy.

Sunday – Not bad actually for matches, I assume because when people have lots of time off, or are hungover they go on tinder out of boredom. And if you are also on Tinder out of boredom, why not throw a couple dollars for some faster matches and entertain yourself talking to women.

Converting, how to go from first message to first date, read our tinder pick up lines  for some great openers until I finish writing the tinder conversation strategy.

Increase the boost’s Effectiveness

It makes such a big difference. Boost increases your exposure, but you want your conversion rate to be good = more matches per profile view. You don’t need to be a selfie king, try getting one of these lights before taking a pic of yourself.

Lights photo help for portrait

Maybe you feel like a douche at first but you will get over it when you get more dates and your friends don’t know why. These change the light balance on your face and body and make everything look better. Do it!

Check out my guide on improving profile pics for Tinder.

Boosting time for Women

Women should use boost at 9pm when most men are online, men certainly have less messages, and between messages they are swiping or reading funny pick up lines.

Happy Boosting..! 🙂

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