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Best Books for Men Top 5

The Best Books for men who want to be better at dating. These top books are specifically self help books for men, the authors have picked out awesome pieces of advice and taking a lot of time to highlight the important aspects of their theory.

These are must reads, not just good books but the best and most inspirational books that have influenced me and made me a better person, and definitely improved my dating.

Must Read Books for Men

1) Double your dating by David Deangelo

First up, all men must read this book, this guy is a champion, he just writes his book in an easy to read fashion and doesn’t exploit or trick women, he is all about making himself the best and most attractive man he can be. Lets read the best and most important content in this book:

  1. Understanding women – behavioural phycology of women that most men never pick up on
  2. Understanding what makes a man attractive to women – how to Improve and develop
  3. Understand when a man is unattractive – read what not to do

If you are asking yourself ‘is that it?’, yes that is it. Most men are terrible at these 3 things, they don’t bother to improve themselves in these areas, and most are not interested in self help this why you are going to learn how to read women and be more attractive than the rest of the men out there.

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