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5 Best Self Improvement Books For Men

Best Books – 5 areas to learn

We all want to be a highly skilled, self developed version of ourselves, and reading these great books will give you the value that you need, to inform, inspire and give you something specific to focus on.

  • The Best Book for Money
  • Our favorite book about the development of Man
  • Best Book for Happiness
  • Best Book for Inspiration
  • The Best Book for Attracting Women

The following books beautifully cover the main areas in life that deserve mental energy and focus:

To be a great man we all need to understand the value of self confidence, peer respect, financial freedom and the underlying desire for status, the result leads to a life filled with more happiness, sex, passion, and social connections.


Ok here we go…

The Whisky and Tinder Official Best Book for Men

Men put so much time and effort into attracting women, or trying to attract women, it brings so much more pride and happiness when you attract a beautiful woman, men should never overlook the importance this area in their lives.

It brings you so much confidence and value when you don’t ever need to settle, this book  is number 1 on the list because it has the most dramatic improvement.

must read novel about attracting women

The name of this next book is really terrible, but it is by far the best read for all men on the subject of attracting to women.

My all time greatest read, I have read it 5 times, love it and love the attitude of the author, he doesn’t write about tricks and scams and putting women down, this book is about elevating yourself and behaving like an attractive man. I am a results based guy and this gives you results.

Best Dating Book For Men
Best Dating Book For Men

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Book title: Double your Dating
Author: David Deangelo

It doesn’t matter how good you are with women, you can be better!

There are lots of dating books, pick up lines and pickup artist bulls**t but this guy teaches ‘the attractive personality’, and he teaches it perfectly!

This book teaches men how to be an real Alpha, they way it should be, I am not talking about big tough guy acting men who bully people, I am talking about a guy that everyone wants to know, respects, looks up to and that women instantly respond to.

There is such a big gap in skill required for men and women to get laid, a women with terrible chat and mediocre looks can get laid no problem, but a man with average looks and low conversation skill is basically relying on luck and hope.

This book will transform your success with women, its a must read!

Best Dating Book For Men
Best Dating Book For Men

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The Best Book for Men To Understand Money

must read young guys
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Book title: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Imagine if you have 2 dads and they are both successful in their chosen professions, smart and respected by their peers, but only one became incredibly rich and the other didn’t. This book shows you the different attitudes and decisions that separated the two.

This is a best selling book for a reason, it highlights perfectly why poor and middle class people almost never become rich, thus explaining what you should do to be rich, it is a true story written in basic English.

The Value from the Book

The biggest value top tip for me was understanding the difference between assets and liabilities written in the most fundamental way:

Rich dad poor dad book

An asset puts money in your pocket, liabilities are something that takes money out of your pocket.

The rich buy assets
The middle class buy liabilities and think that they are assets
The poor never have assets

This book made me realise was that most people I know talk about their house and their mortgage are so proud to call it an asset, probably because the bank talk about it as an asset.

It is not your asset, it is the asset of the bank. The bank makes money from your house because they loan you the money to buy the house and charge you interest, if you stop paying the loan the house becomes theirs, win win for the bank.

Watch this video by ‘Fight Mediocrity’ literally illustrates the important areas of this great book.

This book is awesome and should be read by every young man, it is so important socially for a man to be good at earning and building wealth, reading this book was better than 6 months of finance class, stop letting poor people teach you how to be rich.

ROBERT KIYOSAKI you are the man, great read!

Best self help book for happiness

top seller must read
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Book title: The Happiness Project
Author: Gretchen Rubin

This is a great book for rationals who like a practical approach with a strategy, this book is not about horoscopes and wishy-washy ideas it is a pragmatic approach to learning about your own sources of happiness.

Gretchen Rubin is a successful woman with a good career, nice family, nice house and a happy life. And instead of leaving it there, she examines how to be more happy, she starts with the basics; do more of what makes you happy and less of what makes you unhappy.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of self analysis, each month she works on something in particular and assess in a very pragmatic way if it works for her overall happiness, the following month she adds another happiness variable, accumulating as the months roll on.

The interesting thing for me was reading about how sometimes the obvious solution didn’t work due to a knock on effect. We should all do our own happiness project, and take tips from this book.

Best book for the development of Man

every man should read
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Book title: Sapiens
Author: Yuval Noah Harari

This book is incredible! It really opens your mind to how we developed as a species and how we have effected the world during the time on this planet. Really interesting stuff and puts you in a good mindset of how things relate to each other. A great book for rational men.

One of my favourite eye openers was reading about how humans evolved from 4 legs to 2; our hips got smaller, thus we started giving birth to children prematurely because they otherwise wouldn’t make it through our narrowing hips.

Having to look after pre-mature children, where normally mammals are born with good physical abilities, we needed to form communities to help nurture a baby through this delicate stage, this lead to a quick development in social skills and co-operation behaviour which as we know is how we become the most dominant species on the planet.

Very cool stuff, Definitely recommend it.

Book about a Great Man

top ten must read motivational autobiography
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Book title: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography ‘Total Recall’
Author: Himself

That is right, this could be the best self help book of all time. Not only did Arnie accomplish so much, his strategy was amazing. Did you know he already made his money before the Conan movie?

“Become a world champion body builder, move to America, learn the language, get a leading Hollywood film role despite barely being understood, become one of the greatest Hollywood actors of all time, hold public office and marry a Kennedy”

He didn’t fall into that role by accident. Arnie delayed his film career for years because he waited for that leading role.

How many of us would have given up before that? Most is the answer, in the words of Bill Burr the comedian, how many lifetimes would it take to accomplish what Arnold Schwarzenegger has…

Watch Bill Burr’s standup. Not only is he hilarious, he really puts it in perspective how great of a man he is.

What a Champion, everyone should read his book out of respect.

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